Graduation Regalia Colors

Refer to the chart below to identify the appropriate hood colors for Master's and Doctoral degrees during the Commencement Ceremony.

Graduate Hoods are issued based on the designated degree, not major.
Example: Master of Arts with a Major in Education yields a White Hood.

Hood Colors by Degree
Doctoral Hoods
Doctor of Philosophy Royal Blue
Doctor of Education Light Blue
Doctor of Economic Development Copper
Doctor of Nursing Practice Apricot
Master Hoods
All Master of Arts White
All Master of Science Science Gold
All Master of Science in Engineering Orange
Accountancy Drab
Agriculture Maize
Applied Geography White
Arts in Teaching Light Blue
Business Administration Drab
Criminal Justice Science Gold
Fine Arts Brown
Music Pink
Public Administration Peacock Blue
Public Health Salmon Pink
Science in Nursing Apricot
Social Work Citron
Specialist in Education Light Blue