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Apply for Degree

All undergraduate and graduate students must submit their degree application online through myNMSU. Students are advised to complete a final STAR degree audit and verify with an academic adviser that all requirements are in progress, before submission of application. The application deadlines are not flexible and late applications will not be accepted.

Students who fail to meet graduation requirements by the date indicated on the Application for Degree (Diploma) must reapply and pay fees again. Changes to applications must be submitted by email to early in the semester.

Summer 2020
Application period opens November 14, 2019
Application deadline July 13, 2020
Early Petition for Commencement Ceremony (Undergraduate Candidates) * March 2, 2020
Fall 2019
Application period opens April 4, 2019
Last day to apply without a $50 late fee August 30, 2019
Application deadline with late fee October 1, 2019
Spring 2020
Application period opens November 14, 2019
Last day to apply without a $50 late fee January 31, 2020
Application deadline with late fee March 2, 2020

Attendance at the Commencement Ceremony

The academic colleges will confirm the students eligibility to participate in the commencement ceremony that is held at the close of the fall and spring semesters. Eligible candidates who are in the process of completing their final degree requirements and degree recipients from the previous summer session will participate in the fall ceremony. Students who are in the process of completing their final degree requirements in the spring must attend the spring ceremony. However, Bachelor degree candidates that wish to participate in a spring commencement, prior to completing degree requirements in summer school may do so if they meet the following conditions:

  1. Receive permission the Dean of their college
  2. Show a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.0
  3. Only need 12 or fewer credit hours to complete their degree requirements
  4. These remaining credit hours must be offered in the upcoming summer schedule of classes
  5. Submit a degree application and Early Commencement Participation Petition(available in the Dean’s office) by the last day to apply for a degree in the spring semester.

Completing the Online Application

Log in in to myNMSU. Under the Student Records Tab you will find the Application for Degree (Diploma). Follow the on screen prompts to submit your application. Each submission will incur a degree application fee, as follows.

Degree Application Fees

The Degree Application cannot be waived, refunded or carried to a future semester. Each application submission will incur an additional fee. The late fee to apply after the deadline is an additional $50 fee.

  • $35 for undergraduate main campus degrees (Associates and Bachelors)
  • $45 for graduate degrees (Masters and Doctoral)

If you incur any problems filling out your degree application, please contact or 575-646-4796.

Community College Associate and Certificate applications for degree incur different degree fees.