Dress & Conduct

All degree candidates participating in the Commencement ceremony will be required to wear the academic regalia significant to their degree.

  • Traditional black regalia will be worn by all graduates and may not be altered, modified or decorated in any way.
    • The top of the mortar board (cap) may be decorated, please practice discretion when decorating.
  • University approved and issued Honor Cords and Stoles may be worn at the Ceremony. A maximum of 3 cords and or stoles may be worn to the ceremony.
  • Use CAUTION! In selecting your graduation footwear. You will be required to stand for long periods of time, walk long distances, and use stairs/ramps.
  • Cap, gown, and tassel can be purchased at the NMSU Bookstore .
  • Undergraduate Candidates will wear tassels on the right side.
  • Master’s, Educational Specialist, and doctoral candidates will wear tassels on the left side.
NMSU-93 NMSU-25e



  • The use of alcohol or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Improper conduct may result in disciplinary actions. Those who choose to participate must respect the rights of others, including invited guests.
  • Respect your fellow classmates and guests by turning off your cell phone sound.

For out-of-town/online customers, call 646-4700 or 646-4432 to place order.

Mail order will ship order via UPS for an added fee.

Fall 2016 Regalia Pricing

Bachelor Unit: Cap, Gown, Tassel $51.98
Master Unit: Cap, Gown, Tassel $92.98
Doctoral Unit: Cap, Gown, Tassel $117.98
Master Gown: Gown $61.98
Doctoral Gown: Gown $78.98
Master Hood: $36.98
Doctoral Hood: $47.98
Cap $10.98
Tassel: $15.00
Cord: $12.98

Fine Quality Rental Gowns

Master Gown only: $165.00
Doctoral Gown only: $225.00
Master Hood:  $115.00
Doctoral Hood: $135.00
**Fine Quality Gowns Purchased- prices will vary based on what is ordered.